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About department

The Department of Business Technologies was founded in 2001. Since the founding of the Department, it was led by Prof. habil dr. Narimantas Kazimieras Paliulis as Head of the Department. Since year 2010 the position of Head of the Department was delegated to prof. dr Vida Davidavičienė.

The Department of Business Technologies and Entrepreneurship was formed in 2017 by reorganizing the academic departments of Business Management Faculty.

The mission of the Department is to foster academic values, to form the community of professors, students and social partners, and to strive for the academic activity meaningfulness.

The aim of the Department is to carry out the highest level of research and develop the European-level studies quality.

The uniqueness of the Department is the heterogeneity of existing research and existing practical experience for achieving the synergy effect in the study process in a dynamic environment, the changes of which are determined by globalization, transformational processes, challenges of the knowledge society and changes not only in organizational management structures, but also in fundamental sciences.

These factors and the EU's priorities (Communication from the European Commission "Europe 2020: A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth", which emphasizes the importance of the "knowledge triangle" linking science, studies and innovation) determine the fact that the Department focuses on research on sustainable entrepreneurship and functional logistics activities, the results of which are presented in the Department study programmes (bachelor and master degree study programme "Business Management", bachelor study programme "Business Logistics") and specializations.

At present, the Department of Business Technologies and Entrepreneurship employs 7 professors, 3 associated professors and 15 lecturers, seven of them are doctors of science.
The Department of Business Technologies was founded in 2001 after reorganizing two departments in Business Management Faculty (Departments of Management and Economics) into five departments: Business Economics and Management, Business Technologies, Social Economics and Management, International Economics and Management, Financial Engineering.

The Department of Business Technologies and Entrepreneurship as new unit was established in 2017 at the Faculty of Business Management by reorganizing six departments into five departments: Economics Engineering, Finance Engineering, Management, Business Technologies and Entrepreneurship, Law.

In 2001 - 2010, the Department was headed by prof. habil. Dr. Narimantas Kazimieras Paliulis.

From September 2010 Department is headed by prof. dr. Vida Davidavičienė.
The Department of Business Technologies and Entrepreneurship actively work with social partners: business companies, public organizations, universities and 2 other scientific institutions.
  • Foreign Partners
V. A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences, IPU RAN
(Russian Federation, Moscow)
Voronezh State University of Architecture and Construction,
(Russian Federation)
National Mining University
(Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk)
Odessa State Economic University
Tavrida National V. I. Vernadsky University
Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics
(Russian Federation)
Povolzhskiy State University for Telecommunication and Informatics
(Russian Federation)
Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics (Russian Federation, Novosibirsk)
University of Haifa
Rupin Academic Center
University of Applied Sciences, FONTYS
Berlin University of Technology
  • Social Partners
JSC “Algoritmų sistemos”
JSC “BVIP group”
JSC “Centrum”
JSC “Narbutas furniture company”
JSC “RIMI Lietuva”
JSC “Extra Services”
JSC “Easting Express”
JSC “LTk Capital”
JSC “DocLogix”
JSC “Telesoftas”
JSC “TLV Labs”
JSC “Target Works”
JSC “Estina”
Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology (BPTI)
The Department of Business Technologies and Entrepreneurship has a wealth of scientific periodicals, monographs, textbooks, educational books related to the Department's research and their dissemination in bachelor and master degree studies.

In 2013, the Department of Business Technologies acquired biometric research equipment designed to conduct research in analyzing behavioral aspects following the pupil's eye movement.

Eye-tracking it is a technology that can help track eye movement or to set the sight concentration at the point of observation of the object.

Using the unique technology of EYE TRACKING methodology, researchers at the Department can determine whether advertising messages, packaging, design, product brand, website solutions give the user exactly the information (message) that the organization wants.

  • Possibility of identifying how users track the webpage by analyzing sight-movement (sight-seeing directions, setting active and passive website areas, attention-grabbing elements, and etc.);
  • Possibility to evaluate the suitability of website navigation solutions (whether easily findable links are located conveniently, whether users quickly and intuitively find the necessary information, and etc.);
  • Possibility to identify which website design attracts the user's attention (what elements, which forms of advertising, whether the colors, font sizes, and etc.);
  • Possibility to identify the order in which the elements are monitored and how long the visitor stops looking at different elements, to analyze the causes carrying out experiments, and etc.