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Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) aims to treat all community members equally. Currently, there are students studying at VGTU who have mobility difficulties, hearing or visual impairments, or long-term conditions. 

Every student is equally important for VGTU; thus, individual student needs are taken into account as far as is possible, providing necessary adaptations and assistance within the resources available. Students with disabilities or long-term conditions are eligible for a flexible exam schedule. Students with severe disability are partially or totally exempted from tuition fees. Since 30 April 2012 students with disabilities receive monthly financial support which can be used to increase the accessibility of studies, e.g. hire interpreters or consultants, use transportation services to access the University, buy equipment necessary for studies etc.

The University’s premises and facilities are constantly improved to be more disability-friendly. There are 4 work places for students with special needs at VGTU Library. In addition, students can use braille embosser (braille printer), braille device for text input/output on computer, 3 electronic magnifiers, 4 special keyboards and alternative mice. The following software is installed on 4 computers:
  • JAWS 14 – a computer screen reader programme that allows visually impaired users to read the screen with a text-to-speech output;
  • Win Taker Voice 1.6 – a computer screen reader programme with a text-to-speech output in Lithuanian;
  • SuperNova Magnifier 13.03 – software enlarging part or all screen content.
Other University’s spaces are also adapted for students with disabilities – most of the University’s lifts have braille signs on buttons and screens with enlarged floor numbers.

Contact details for persons with disabilities regarding admission to the University

Saulėtekio av. 11, Saulėtekis campus
Central building, 204a room
LT-10223 Vilnius

Contact hours
Monday-Thursday 08:00-16:45
Friday 08:00-15:30

Information is also provided via email and phone:
  Email Phone
First study cycle +370 5 274 4949, +370 655 03 029
Second study cycle +370 5 237 0655

Contact details for persons with disabilities regarding financial support
Information regarding financial support for persons with disabilities is provided by Studies Department, Saulėtekis av. 11, Central building, 506 room. Requests for financial support can be submitted on Monday-Thursday 08:00–11:30 and 12:00–16:45, Friday 08:00–11:30 and 12:00–15:30. Contact persons: Jolita Valentinavičienė or Ieva Kacinskaite, email,
Contact person for disability affairs

Renata Vėbrienė
Group of International Programmes

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Saulėtekis av. 11, Saulėtekis campus

Phone: +370 5 237 0554
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