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Focus Areas of Research

Sustainable building:
  • Innovative building materials, structures and techniques;
  • Energy efficient thermal insulation materials and structures;
  • Architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and regional planning;
  • Sustainable lifecycle of the buildings.
Environmental and energy technologies:
  • Efficient use of resources, energy systems and technologies;
  • Environmental systems and environment protection technologies;
  • Building of energy supply, it’s application methods, systems and processes;
  • Secure anthropogenic environment.
Sustainable transport:
  • Energy saving and environment-friendly transport means;
  • Transport systems and traffic modeling, optimization, safety and management;
  • Transport and logistics technology, interaction of transport modes;
  • The new movement technologies, intelligent transport systems.
  • Smart embedded systems;
  • Mechanical and mechatronic devices and processes;
  • Innovative constructive and multifunctional materials, nanostructures;
  • Biomechatronical systems;
  • Electrical and electronic devices and systems.
Information and communication technologies:
  • Information technologies, ontological and telematic systems;
  • Smart communication technologies;
  • Digital signal processing technologies;
  • Geoinformation system technologies and their application.
Technology management and economics:
  • Universal sustainability research;
  • High value-added economy;
  • Integrated communication strategies and concepts;
  • Creative industries, digital society development;
  • Innovation management.
Fundamental research on materials and processes:
  • Mathematical models and methods of physical, technological and economic processes;
  • Modelling of biocatalytic processes;
  • Materials and technologies of energy sources.
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