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Dates of additional admission to doctoral studies:
Admission Procedures
Dates and Deadlines
Announcement of  the Contest to Additional Admission to Doctoral Studies*
Announcement of dissertation topics*
2016-12-05, 10.00
Registration of requests on participation in competition*
2016-12-05, 10.00 – 2016-12-07, 16.00
Meetings of Doctoral Studies Committees*:
a)  Civil Engineering
8.15 val., SRK-I, 0308
b)  Environmental Engineering
9.00 val., SRK-II, 2305
c)  Materials Engineering
9.30 val., SRL-I, 104
d)  Management
9.30 val., SRK-I, 0603
e)  Electrical and Electronic Engineering
10.00 val., SRK-I, 0308
f)  Mechanical Engineering
10.00 val. SRL-I, 217
g)  Economics
11.00 val., SRK-I, 0618
h)  Transport Engineering  
11.30 val., SRK-I, 0308
i)  History and Theory of Arts
12.00 val., SRK-I, 0210
j)  Informatics Engineering*
Additional admission will be carried out according to the rules of doctoral students admission to the Kaunas University of Technology*
Announcement of the list of applicants invited to doctoral studies*
2016-12-08, 14.00
Admission of appeals*
Till 2016-12-09, 13.00
Analysis of appeals and  announcement of the list of applicants admitted to doctoral studies*
From 2016-12-12, 10.00
Signing of contracts with the persons admitted to doctoral studies*
2016-12-12 10.00 –2016-12-13, 16.00
*More information about the admission procedure to Informatics Engineering scientific field is available here: 
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