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2017-10-01 2020-09-30 BIOREACTOR Small-sized bioreaktor with three-phase system for biogas production and treatment research and development
2017-10-02 2020-09-30 TireMultiPhase Investigation of tribological micro-macro processes in multi-phase layer with ice-snow particles and their contribution to tire-layer-surface system
2017-10-02 2019-09-30 SINBA Impact of syngenetic elements of lignocellulosic feedstock on adsorptive features of biochar
2017-09-01 2019-08-31 sssCFR&CPR Development and applicaton of composite of fibre reinforced concrete and polymer reinforced by filaments in efficient suspended structural systems
2015-09-01 2018-12-31 ReSoft Soft tissue engineering: from cell to arficial tissue
2016-10-01 2018-09-30 KAM-02 Development of technology for secret radio communication and manufacturing of the prototype of handheld radio
2015-06-01 2018-05-31 3Ccar Integrated Components for Complexity Control in affordable electrified cars
2015-04-01 2018-03-31 PRO-STEREO Predictive Novelty Discovery for Real-Time Stereoscopic Image Analysis and Decision Support
2015-04-01 2018-03-31 SmartTrunk R&D of new class of trunk like robots: theory and investigation
2016-04-01 2018-03-15 ELMIGRAV Electro-magnetoporation mediated biocontrol of the microgravity affected and skin infections causative microorganisms
2015-04-01 2017-12-31 SECOLAC Constitutive Modelling and Structural Application of Reinforced Self-Compacting Lightweight Concrete
2015-01-12 2017-12-31 - -
Valid from Valid to Project Acronym Name
2015-06-01 2017-09-30 EXOPTAS Evaluation of seasonal thermodynamic efficiency of air handling unit
2016-09-01 2017-08-31 ETSPPP Technical solutions: selection, design and prototype
2014-04-01 2017-03-31 SAVES Students Achieving Valuable Energy Savings
2015-05-01 2017-03-31 NUMMOD Numerical modelling of nonstandard nonlinear Schrodinger type problems
2014-03-01 2016-12-31 AVALVE Patient-specific simulation of the flow through the aortic valve
2014-03-01 2016-12-31 EfArBet Effective reinforcement for increased stiffness and cracking resistance of concrete structures
2014-03-01 2016-12-31 PiezoDeflect R&D of High Resolution Piezoelectric System for Laser Beam Control ib Space
2015-01-05 2016-12-31 - Laser Modification Research of SLS Sintered, Iron Basis, Powder Surface
2015-01-02 2016-12-31 - Microstructure and Formation Processes Research of Conductive Aluminous Ceramics, Dedicated to Variance Hydrosystems Micro- and Ultrafiltration
2015-08-27 2016-12-31 ISOOS Investigation of methods of a small object orientation in the space
2016-03-15 2016-06-30 ENCLOSUREWASTECONCRE To develop enviromental friendly cement composities and their production technologies from technological waste
2010-01-01 2016-01-31 ECO-Life Sustainable Zero Carbon ECO-Town Development Improving Quality of Life across EU
2012-01-01 2016-01-01 BESTFACT Best practice factory for freight transport
2014-03-01 2015-12-31 BAKTERKAP Investigation of encapsulation of bacteriocins as biopreservatives
2015-03-02 2015-12-31 MLavd Personal Names of Lithuania Minor (XVIII-XIX centuries)
2015-03-12 2015-12-31 ENCLOSUREWASTECONCRE To develop enviromental friendly cement composities and their production technologies from technological waste
2014-09-22 2015-12-01 SHuMED Sustainable Human Development for MED Countries
2010-12-01 2015-11-30 X-Noise EV Aviation Noise Research Network and Coordination
2013-05-02 2015-09-30 DEMAKU Discrete Element Simulation of Aerozol Particles under Action of Acoustic Field
2013-10-23 2015-09-30 BEWARE Bridging East West for Aerospace REsearch
2013-04-01 2015-04-01 POWEROPT Mathematical Modelling and Optimization of Electrical Power Systems for an Improvement
2013-10-01 2015-03-31 CASCADE Collaborative Action towards Societal Challenges through Awareness, Development and Education
2012-01-31 2015-01-31 INNVIN Innovative materials solutions for Transport, Energy and Biomedical sectors by strengthening integration and enhancing research dynamics of KMM-VIN
2012-01-01 2015-01-01 eMAR e-Maritime Strategic Framework and Simulation based Validation
2012-03-08 2014-12-31 MNSRob Trajectories Control of Scalable Piezorobots with Nanometric Resolution
2012-05-10 2014-12-31 PATEnMOD Model of the renewable energy sustainable use in buildings
2012-09-03 2014-12-31 IAPRM Innovative methods of regeneration of architectural heritage: castles of Panemune
2012-07-05 2014-12-31 UAVS Creation of system for earth observation by means of unmanned aerial vechicles
2012-05-22 2014-12-31 DiMod Developing a multi-parameter discrete crack model of reinforced
2013-01-01 2014-12-31 - Structure Formation Research of Fire Resistant Materials with Micro and Nano Supplements, Designed to Operate in Extreme Conditions
2013-07-01 2014-12-31 - -
2012-05-07 2014-12-31 ETMIS Development and research of energy-saving materials and their application in building enciosures
2013-07-01 2014-12-31 LVS3 Large Valorisation on Sustainability of Steel Structures
2012-07-16 2014-12-24 SOVI Application of spiral treatment device with a curvilinear channels for discrete phase treating
2014-01-01 2014-12-14 ESPONontheROAD Bringing closer ESPON evidence for decision making
2013-03-18 2014-09-30 Longlife Invest The Implementation ot the Planned Lithuanian Longlife Pilot Project as a Dormitory for Klaipeda University
2012-09-13 2014-09-12 BSR TransGovernance BSR TransGovernance - MGL support to the implementation of PA 11 in the EU Baltic Sea Strategy
2012-09-03 2014-08-31 IEPO1/1224 Forecading and modeling of country's economic activity, integration to EU, and sustainable development possibilities and cosequences considering innovation accummulation possibilities in order to improve competitive potential of the country
2012-09-03 2014-08-31 IEPO1/1253 Preparation of business and public sector activities' effect and economic efficiency measurement ad economic management means under conditions of globalization and uncertainty. The preparation of the system and practical implementation methodology o
2012-07-09 2014-07-08 GALIA Development and Validation of Control by Lithuanian Speech Unit Model for the Disabled
2012-02-08 2014-06-30 ENECON ESPON Evidence in North European Context
2010-03-01 2014-05-06 COST IC0905, "TERRA" Techno-Economic Regulatory Framework for Radio spectrum Access for Cognitive Radio/Software Defined Radio
2013-03-05 2013-12-31 - Development of magnetic field meter for electric power systems - MAGEPS.
2013-03-07 2013-12-31 - Creation of a Specialized Frequency Converter to Serial Production. CONVERTER
2013-03-05 2013-12-31 - Creation of Service System for Multiple Passing Control
2010-09-17 2013-12-16 COOL Bricks Climate Change, Cultural Heritage and Energy Efficient Monuments
2010-09-11 2013-12-10 RBGC Rail Baltic Growth Corridor
2012-06-05 2013-12-05 BUILD UP SKILLS LT Build Up Skills - Lithuania
2011-06-01 2013-11-30 COFRET Carbon Footprint of Freight Transport
2010-11-15 2013-08-31 ESPON Train Establishment of a Transnational ESPON Training Programme to Stimulate Interest to ESPON 2013 Knowledge
2012-11-02 2013-07-31 - Research of Nitrogen Having Heterocyclic Compounds as Potential Aggregation Inhibitors
2012-11-02 2013-07-31 - -
2010-06-01 2013-05-31 IDES-EDU Master and post graduate education and training in multidisciplinary teams implementing EPBD and beyond
2011-03-01 2013-02-28 Construction21 European Green Building Exchange
2010-01-01 2012-12-31 CLOSER Connecting Long and Short-distance Networks for Efficient Transport
2011-07-01 2012-12-31 MACS+ Membrane action in fire design of composite slab with solid and cellular steel beams - valorisation
2012-03-28 2012-12-31 - Creation of a Specialized Frequency Converter to Serial Production. CONVERTER
2012-02-14 2012-12-31 - Creation and Development of Manifold Access Control System Platform
2012-02-27 2012-12-31 - To Investigate, Prepare and Implement Buildings' Heating System by Thermic Pumps, Using Thermal Energy from Reinforced Concrete Basement Poles ("Thermic" Poles) and to Prepare Recommendations of These Systems Projecting and Usage
2011-06-01 2012-12-31 - Impact of Fire to Lithuanian Soils and Ecosystems
2011-06-01 2012-12-31 - Evaluation of Gingival Fibroblast Adhesion Properties and their Usage in Regeneration of Soft Tissue
2012-04-02 2012-12-31 - Smart Radio Systems and Pre-programmed Radio Systems: Technical-Economic Regulation and Management of Radio Spectrum
2012-02-14 2012-12-30 - Creation of Magnetic Field Meter to Electric Energetics Systems
2009-12-16 2012-12-16 PlasTEP Dissemination and fostering of plasma based technological innovation
2009-12-17 2012-12-16 BSR QUICK Qualification, Innovation, Cooperation and Keybusness for Small and Medium Enterprises in Baltic Sea Region
2011-01-02 2012-12-10 BALTRIS Improving Road Infrastructure Safety in the Baltic Sea Region
2010-06-22 2012-11-30 BIOMET SECURITY Biometry, Identity and Information Security for E-Services Business
2009-10-09 2012-10-09 C.A.S.H. Connecting Authorities for Safer Heavy Goods traffic in the Baltic Sea Region
2009-10-01 2012-09-30 TransBaltic TransBaltic-Towards an integrated transport system in the Baltic Sea Region
2009-06-21 2012-09-09 EWTC II East West transport Corridor II - a green corridor concept within the Northern Transport Axis approach
2008-10-20 2012-08-02 BIOREACTOR, E!4528 Small scalebioreactor
2009-06-01 2012-05-31 NorthPass Promotion of the Very Low-Energy Hause Concept to the North Europe Building Market
2009-04-01 2012-03-01 LongLife Sustainable, Energy Efficient and resource Saving Residential Biulding with Consideration of Unified Procedures Adopted Technologies
2009-06-01 2012-01-31 USE Efficiency Universities and Students for Energy Efficiency
2008-07-10 2012-01-01 WASTEHEATCONCRETE To develop heat resistant aerated concrete and its producion technologies
2010-02-03 2011-12-31 PERFECTION Performance Indicators for Health, Comfort and Safety of the Indoor Environment
2010-01-01 2011-12-31 TRANSNEW Support for Realising New Member and Associate States' potentials in Transport Research
2011-08-24 2011-12-31 - Creation of Multifaceted Passage Control Service System
2011-01-15 2011-12-31 - To Investigate, Prepare and Implement Buildings' Heating System by Thermic Pumps, Using Thermal Energy from Reinforced Concrete Basement Poles ("Thermic" Poles) and to Prepare Recommendations of These Systems Projecting and Usage
2010-08-25 2011-12-31 - Research and Analysis of the Right Heart Ventricle Function
2010-07-26 2011-12-31 - The United Conception Creation of Armature and Reinforcement Interaction Zone Modelling
2010-07-26 2011-12-31 - Modelling and Management of Mechatronic Nanometer Resolution Multivariate Robotic Devices
2011-03-14 2011-12-31 - Smart Radio Systems and Pre-programmed Radio Systems: Technical-Economic Regulation and Management of Radio Spectrum
2011-07-29 2011-12-11 - Creation of Magnetic Field Meter to Electric Energetics Systems
2011-05-25 2011-12-01 - High Average Power Multiple-fiber Pumping Femtosecond Parametric Light Amplifier (INTEGRA)
2011-06-01 2011-10-31 LT-2011 Researchers Night 2011: Why I Became a Researcher
2008-10-01 2011-10-01 VISURF Visions of Residental Futures: Housing in Transformation 2008-2011
2009-09-01 2011-09-01 B2B LOCO Baltic-to-Balkan Network for Logistics Competence
2008-06-01 2011-06-01 WOOD-NET The Implementation of Research Potential of the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry in the European Research area
2008-09-01 2011-02-28 BE LOGIC Benchmarking logistics and co-modality
2011-01-26 2011-01-26 LLIII-159 Effective Mechanism for Implementing Solar Energy in Kurzme and Klaipeda Regions
2010-01-01 2010-12-31 ACT! Initiation of a Transnational Baltic Sea Region Cluster for Actine Ageing
2006-06-01 2010-05-31 X3-NOISE Aircraft External Noise Research Network and Coordination
2008-05-01 2010-04-30 BalticGrid-II Baltic Grid Second Phase
2007-04-03 2009-05-31 EurekaBuild, E! 3790 Technologies for a Sustainable and Competative Construction Sector
2007-07-01 2008-12-31 DIFISEK+ Dissemination of Structural Fire Safety Engineering Knowledge Throught Europe
2007-07-30 2008-12-30 BIOMODE Lithuania - Ukraina bilateral cooperation program "The modeling of complex biocatalytical and bioelectroanalytical processes"
2008-03-20 2008-12-20 Lietuva-Ukraina The Investigation of Defect in Nano- and Microelectronic Device Operated Under Extreme Conditions
2006-09-01 2008-08-31 BESTUFS II Best Urban Freight Transport Solutions
2008-01-01 2008-06-30 CIPROC Study on the Feasibility of Extending the Activities of Mode-specific Promotion Centre in Europe to Encompass the Wider Concept of Intermodal Transport
2006-01-12 2007-12-31 EURNEX European Rail Research
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