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Immigration Regulations

Each student must have a passport valid for at least one year from the initial date of entry into Lithuania.
Citizens from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland do not require a visa to enter Lithuania.
Citizens from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, and the United States and other countries which do not require a visa to enter Lithuania; however, if they plan to stay for more than 90 days, they will need to obtain a D visa for studies from the Migration Department in Vilnius.
Citizens of Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Georgia, India, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and other countries must obtain a visa from the Embassy of Lithuania in their country prior to arrival in Lithuania (if there is no Lithuanian embassy in your country, you will have to go to the nearest one available), list of Embassies of the Republic of Lithuania.  
Students who come for full time studies to VGTU will have to apply for Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) 4 months prior the expiration of their visa. 
Note: Each student must verify all the consular requirements before traveling to Lithuania. For more information, please
  • Visit the website of the Migration Department for a complete list of requirements at
  • Call the Lithuanian Embassy in your country
  • Call the Consular Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lithuania at tel +370 5 236 2400
  • Call the Visa Office at the Department of Migration in Lithuania at tel +370 5 236 2623

For EU/EEA students

After arrival students who come for a longer that 90 days period have to:
  • register in Migration Office in order to get document certifying your legal stay in Lithuania;
  • declare the living place in Municipality Office (seniūnija).
You have to present following documents to Vilnius Migration Office:
  1. A valid passport or ID card (plus additional copy of this document)
  2. European health insurance card or private insurance (plus additional copy of this document);
  3. 2 certificate regarding enrolment at VGTU (you will get them from VGTU);
  4. Declaration that you have sufficient resources to support yourself (resources may come from your parents, spouse, university, government etc., at least 116 EUR/month);
  5. Receipt from the bank indicating that you have paid 12,17 EUR for the document certifying your legal stay in Lithuania ( the code of payment 5740, to account No. LT 24 7300 0101 1239 4300, bank „Swedbank“);
  6. An application form ( obtainable at the Migration Office, form is in Lithuanian language )
Within 5 working days Migration Office will prepare the document certifying your legal stay in Lithuania and will post it to your living address in Lithuania.
After reception of this document, you must declare your living place within 7 working days at the Municipality Office.

For students outside EU/EEA

Students who need visa to enter Lithuania (or need to obtain visa after arrival for their stay) should prepare/have these documents: 
  1. Visa application
  2. Passport and Passport Copy (Passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond the end of stay in Lithuania)
  3. Income/bank statement (not less than 250 EUR/month) or Certificate confirming status as an LLP/Erasmus mobility grant recipient and specifying the grant sum.
  4. Mediation Letter (provided by VGTU)
  5. 1 passport size photograph
  6. Health insurance valid in foreign countries 
Full time degree students must apply for Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) 4 months prior end of their visa, and will have to renew their TRP every year (application 2 months before the expiration date of previous TRP). Documents for TRP application: 
  1. Application form for TRP
  2. Passport and Passport Copy (Passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond the end of TRP)
  3. Previous visa/TRP copy
  4. Income/bank statement (not less than 190 EUR/month)
  5. Mediation Letter (provided by VGTU)
  6. 1 passport size photograph
  7. Non-conviction/Police clearance certificate (for first time applicants it must be issued in the country of residence before Lithuania). Certificate must be legalized with an apostille or in the Ministry of Foregin Affairs.
  8. Health insurance for Foreigners Staying in Lithuania 
  9. Contract copy of their living place/flat owners statement (if renting an appartment)
  10. You will be asked to name the countries you visited and lived in for the last 10 years (if you had a residence permit of another country you will be asked to provide an official residence address). 

Declaration of living place

You have to present to “Seniūnija” the following documents:
  1. A valid passport or ID card;
  2. The document certifying your legal stay in Lithuania, received from Migration Office (D visa, TRP, EU citizens kegal stay document);
  3. Living place declaration form*
*Students, staying in VGTU Dormitory confirmed declaration form will get from VGTU.
For students who are renting flats or staying in the hostel “Corner” this form has to be signed by the director or administrator/ flat owner.


D type visa - Free
Primary TRP application - 86 EUR, 
Confirmed TRP card - 28 EUR,
Extension of TRP (e.g. for the next academic year) - 86 EUR 
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