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VGTU is taking part in Erasmus+ programme and provides an opportunity for students to carry out 2 month internship in Programme countries (longer periods must be justified!). VGTU Internatonal Relations Office (IRO or URD) is assisting students in finding the companies and administrates Erasmus+ scholarships.  
Erasmus+ internship can be: 1) as obligatory internship (embedded) 2) voluntary 3) after graduation.
Erasmus+ internship can be carried out in Programme countries + Turkey, Macedonia, Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland.
Scholarship varries from 500 eur to 700 eur per month, depending on the country of internship.
Students with health related special needs may apply for additional funding but not later than April 30. 
More information about the internships is available at My VGTU -> Internation opportunities -> Erasmus+ internship (you need to login with your student ID)
There are 3 types of deadlines: 
1) to apply for VGTU partner companies for an internship place - 15th of each month;
2) to apply for a scholarship once you have a company  - October 19, December 19, March 19, May 19, June 19;
3) to apply for a reserve list if you don't have a company and/or graduate this year - December 19, June 19.
Here are the main steps of Erasmus+ internship
You may apply for a scholarship to do internship abroad if *:
  • you are a degree seeking VGTU student (full time, part time, distance learning)
  • you (will) have positive evaluation of exams when leaving for internship
  • you have a command of foreign language B+ 
  • you have spent less than 10 months in other Erasmus+ exchanges
  • you have financial capacities to carry out internship abroad
  • you desire the traineeship experience!
*there may be exceptions at faculty level, please ask your Erasmus+ Faculty coordinator
*IRO may refuse to allow you participate in the Programme based on evaluation of your earlier participation results
To find a company is the biggest challenge during the whole Erasmus+ internship experience. Please see for the advice at My VGTU -> Internation opportunities -> Erasmus+ internship or follow IRO on Facebook - sometimes we post the request from companies. It is student's responsibility to find the company, fill all relevant documents and get the sigantures needed.
Willing to receive Erasmus+ scholarship for your internship, you have to:
  • Fill an online form (the link is in My VGTU)
  • Submit signed and scanned application with additional documents (learning agreement signed by the company, internship superviros and/or Erasmus+ faculty coordnator, your CV, motivation letter) per e-mail to
  • You apply via My VGTU -> Apply for Erasmus+ internship and attach all the required documents. 
The criteria for granting a scholarship are: language competence, problem solving skills,  motivation; your academic achievements and programme of internship will be checked by your faculty coordinator . Higher priority is given to: 1) students willing to carry out obligatory internship; 2) first time participants in the programme; 3) phd students; 4) proactive students (carry out wide extra curricula activities, ESN mentors, etc). Students who cancelled their previous participation in the programme are listed at the end despite their evaluation score. 
When you are nominated for Erasmus+ scholarship, you will have to (templates My VGTU -> Internation opportunities -> Erasmus+ internship):
  • Sign learning agreement
  • Make a language test (online)
  • Get insurance (travel, health, accidents, liability)
  • Request the International Study Centre to continue (practical) studies abroad (bachelor and master students)
  • Request the PHD department to go abroad (phd students only)
  • Sign financial agreement that you will get via e-mail
During internship we will ask you to deliver the following documents (templates My VGTU -> Internation opportunities -> Erasmus+ internship)
When carrying out internship you have certain obligations but it does not mean they cannot be changed. Changes are possible with proper documentation. More information at My VGTU -> Internation opportunities -> Erasmus+ internship.
Congradulations on finishing your internship! We hope you thanked the hosting company for their efforts to teach you. Have a nice trip back to Lithuania and  
When back home you will have to deliver (templates My VGTU -> Internation opportunities -> Erasmus+ internship):
  • Traineeship certificate (2 originals)
  • Final report with pictures or video (via e-mail)
  • Language test (online, login to OLS again)
  • European Commission's survey (online, sent to your e-mail on the last day of your internship)
  • Request to international study centre to resume studies at VGTU
  • Take care of approving your internship at VGTU
VGTU is proud of you taking this important step in your career! We do hope you would like to share your story too! Drop us a line!
For more information please contact International Relations Office (URD):
Tel: +370 5 237 0692, e-mail:
Saulėtekio av. 11, room 517
Consultation hours for students*:
I-IV 13-15h., V 9-11 h.
*If the hours do not suit you, write an e-mail or read FAQ on Erasmus+ website.
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