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Finance Engineering


Degree Bachelor of Business Administration
Length, structure
4 years (8 semesters), internship included in the programme. Graduation is finalized with the defense of Final thesis
Tuition fee for non EU citizens
2700 EUR per year 
For EU citizens same prices as for local students apply, for details click here.
Start 1st of September
Main subjects Financial theories, Fundamentals of business, Micro and macro economics, Marketing, Econometrics, Accounting and auditing, Corporate Finance, Project management and evaluation, Entrepreneurship, Financial instruments valuation, Financial behavior, Personal finance management, Banking, Financial risk management.

What is the purpose of this study programme?

The study programme aim is to prepare Bachelors of finance with a variety of modern knowledge about the financial systems and markets. Graduates will have knowledge of financial theory and practice in forming, evaluating and independently making effective financial decisions, based on systematic, critical and constructive thinking.  Will be able to integrate and apply the knowledge of financial theory, financial process management and financial engineering and make effective financial decisions in global economics.

What will students learn?

  • To process financial information, to analyse and evaluate it.
  • To understand financial and investment principles.
  • To apply accounting, management accounting, investment, risk and personal financial management skills.
  • Develop and evaluate possible financial decisions alternatives in making effective and informed management decisions. Will be able to objectively evaluate quantitative and qualitative financial processes.
  • Identify and forecast financial results, make decisions under uncertainty in creating, developing and increasing the value of the business.

Exchange Period abroad?

Faculty of Business Management offers excellent opportunities for all students wishing to study at a foreign partner universities. Currently, the faculty have more than 120 contracts with Universities in 23 European countries, bilateral agreements with American, Asian universities, which include more than 150 seats for exchange students every year.
Students have up to 12 months Erasmus+ scholarship limits for study and placements abroad. Placements can be found independently or with the faculty partners. Advantages of international experience - intercultural experience, professional qualification, international CV, a record in the Diploma Supplement, new study work methods and practical knowledge, foreign language professional development and networking.


You will have plenty of opportunities to apply and diversity your skills through graduate projects, internships, career programmes, clubs and societies.

What about career opportunities after studies?

Upon completion of the study programme students can successfully work as accountants or financial analysts in national and international financial institutions, companies, organizations, financial intermediaries, public finance departments, the State Tax Inspectorate, Ministry of Finance, banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, leasing companies, credit unions or investment funds. 
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