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Activate your Technogene with VGTU

While using the latest technology, driving on the roads and bridges, we often have no idea how much work and effort is required to obtain a functional result. Calculations, measurements, experiments and testing – all that remains behind the doors of scientific labs. The future that entire generations talked about is today – smart technological solutions, digital construction, noise-reducing asphalt, self-driving electric cars, virtual reality… VGTU scientists, students and graduates contribute to sustainable living environment promoting innovation and expanding limits of understanding. 


Focus on the future technologies and interdisciplinary expertise creates unique ecosystem of innovation within the University, engaging the students. During the study process theory is constantly combined with practical seminars and labs. The theoretical and practical knowledge is applied in the final theses, which are focused on exploring and solving real world problems. Most students demonstrate excellent knowledge, and most important – innovative thinking. 
Choose latest technology driven Bachelor's degree study programmes taugh in English language: 
Study programme Qualification degree
Automotive Engineering  Bachelor of Engineering Sciences in Transport Engineering
Building Energetics Bachelor of Engineering Sciences in Energy Engineering
Information Systems Engineering Bachelor of Engineering Sciences in Informatics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Engineering Sciences in Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering Bachelor of Engineering Sciences in Civil Engineering
Creative Industries Bachelor of Social Sciences 
Computer Engineering Bachelor of Engineering Sciences in Computer Engineering
Business Management Bachelor of Business Administration
Architecture (integrated studies) Master of Arts in Architecture
Engineering Informatics Bachelor of Informatics Sciences
Economics Engineering Bachelor of Social Sciences 
Finance Engineering  Bachelor of Business Administration
Mechatronics and Robotics Bachelor of Engineering Sciences in Mechatronics
Aircraft Piloting (Integrated studies) Master of Engineering Sciences in Aeronautical Engineering
Air Traffic Control (Integrated studies) Master of Engineering Sciences in Aeronautical Engineering


VGTU encourages every student not only seeking the knowledge, but also developing unique talents. Dynamic university life is an attribute of open and creative community. Art, engineering, management, media, studies, research, business - are the cornerstones of VGTU's "LinkMenų Fabrikas". The centre is equipped with laboratories for mechanics, wood and metal processing, painting, 3D printing, electronics, transport technical creativity, as well as the teamwork spaces and the studios of advertising, photography, video and audio recording. “LinkMenų Fabrikas” helps the ambitious young people to generate and develop their ideas. The engineers, professionals of information technologies, creative industries and other fields search for common interests and work together in the centre. This is a significant contribution of VGTU towards the development of highly needed professionals with competences in innovation creation, development and application.
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