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VGTU Career Days 2018

VGTU Career Days 2018
On 15 March, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University’s (VGTU) students were invited to the biggest career fair in Vilnius. They had an opportunity to meet over 100 Lithuanian and international companies, which come every year to meet their potential trainees and employees. The fair was part of event series “Career Days 2018”. 

“Activate your TECHNOgene” – the slogan of this year’s career days – has a special meaning for VGTU’s community. “Technical gene is VGTU’s unique element, which unites the University’s community and represents the pragmatic engineering thinking and accuracy. It also represents the global technological transformation. Nowadays, technology is fundamentally changing how we live and work. No matter what area of studies the student choses – engineering, finance or art – they have to be open to the changing environment and the world. We believe that meeting the experts in various areas, getting advice from business representatives and learning about success stories should inspire young specialists, and help them to decide where and how they can implement their ideas, gain more experience and whom they can devote most of their energies to,” says VGTU Rector Prof. Dr. Alfonsas Daniūnas.

From the beginning of March, students, graduates and anyone who is interested were invited to participate in open lectures by over 20 prominent speakers – well-known public figures and professionals – who shared their experience and career choices. Each speaker presented their success story – a dominating gene, which helped them to reach their goals, and still drives them forward. Students could draw inspiration from artistic director Dalia Ibelhauptaitė, the chief editor of “Verslo žinios” Rolandas Barysas, journalist Rasa Tapinienė, chef Gian Luca Demarco and many others.

On 15 March, representatives of over 100 companies were meeting students at VGTU’s Central Building. The students could find places for internships, companies and organisations to start their career paths or develop new ones, talk to representatives of well-known companies and learn how decisions are made “behind the scenes”.  The career fair was opened by musical group Black Biceps, which kept everyone's spirits up throughout the day. Students could also participate in “speed-dating” with companies, where they could present themselves and their ideas, and could receive internship or other career proposals.

The contact fair is over, but “Career Days 2018” still continue. From 16 March, company visits have started. Companies invite students to learn more about the work environment, hear employees’ stories, and get to know the companies better. Company visits will continue until the end of April.

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