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VGTU and TELE2 developed vehicle control system based on Internet speed

VGTU and TELE2 developed vehicle control system based on Internet speed
Engineers of VGTU “LinkMenų fabrikas“ together with telecommunication company “Tele2” developed a unique vehicle control system based on the Internet speed. The system allows a vehicle to drive at the speed of the 4G Internet in that area: megabits per second are converted into kilometres per hour.
“As far as we know, this vehicle control system is the first of a kind in the world. We were excited to accept a challenge from Tele2 and to developed a vehicle control system that follows the commands of the Internet rather than the driver“, – says Mykolas Bistrickas, head of Mechanics laboratory at VGTU “LinkMenų fabrikas“ and the main coordinator of this project.
According to Mykolas, the biggest challenge was to ensure that different processes don’t interfere with one another. For instance, in a situation when another vehicle appears to be driving towards it from the opposite direction, how do we prevent the system from sudden use of breaks or sudden acceleration and avoid the danger for the driver and the surroundings.
Nissan Motor Company provided the car for the experiment. The team of engineers and programmers were working on the new system development and testing for one month, and later the system was used together with Tele2 team in different roads between Vilnius and Ventė.
„The discovery of this innovation is a good example of successful university – business collaboration, which is not only becoming a standard in Lithuania, but is giving serious results. When scientists work together with businesses in innovation centres like VGTU „LinkMenų fabrikas“, using state of the art equipment and software, we can expect top notch innovation recognised globally“, – says prof. habil. dr. Antanas Čenys, VGTU Vice-rector for research and innovation.
In November everyone can try the vehicle by ordering a free trip in Vilnius on Uber.
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