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Open lecture by Kai-Uwe Schmitt on "Trauma Biomechanics"

Open lecture by Kai-Uwe Schmitt on "Trauma Biomechanics"
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) is pleased to announce the lectures to be given by Kai-Uwe Schmitt.

Kai-Uwe Schmitt is affiliated with the Department of Health Science and Technology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) and member of the executive board at AGU Zurich (Working Group on Accident Mechanics). Trauma biomechanics in traffic and sports are the focus of his research and teaching activities. Additional functions include being a council member and secretary of the International Research Council on Biomechanics of Injury (IRCOBI) and member of the advisory board on traffic safety at the Swiss Federal Road Office.

Active person can sustain injuries during sport activities or in work placement.  Trauma biomechanics is important scientific field, which explores biomechanics of various injuries, i.e. what are trauma mechanisms and causes. This knowledge is important for design of safe transportation means, developing and designing safe training equipment and rehabilitation devices, assistive technologies for disabled. Research in trauma biomechanics requires broad knowledge and understanding in biomechanics, mechanics and application of different technologies (computer simulation and experiments). Students will understand importance of various technologies and approaches, will obtain better understanding of general biomechanics principles and their application.

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