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Celebrate the European Day of Languages 2017 with Us!

Celebrate the European Day of Languages 2017 with Us!
  • The Department of Foreign Languages under the Faculty of Creative Industries invite to a range  of events organised at VGTU on 26–27 September to celebrate the European day of Languages 2017
‘Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own’, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said that.
The European Day of Languages was first celebrated in 2001. This event established by the European Commission and the Council of Europe was successful in involving millions of people across 47 participating countries. Its activities celebrated linguistic diversity in Europe and promoted language learning.
Scheduled events at VGTU
  • The exhibition ‘We will learn foreign languages’ is open at the Central Library as well as at the Technology and Management Sciences Reading Room in the Central Building.
  • The visitors are invited to taste European dishes at the student cafeteria.
  • In the lobby at Room SRA-I 03, a book exchange ‘Share the books you read’ is held during the breaks. Books in different languages will be donated. Please leave a read book and pick up an unread one.
  • During the breaks in the lobby at Room SRA-I 03, the visitors are invited to participate in the activity ‘Come and greet Lithuania in different languages’.
         Room TLK 217 at 14:00   Quiz: Check your pronunciation, rely on ICAO alphabet
Room SRL-I 422A at 14:00 Five Reasons to Learn German
Room SRL-I 423 at 14:30 Five Reasons to Learn French
Room SRL-I 410 at 14:30 English in Everyday Lithuanian
On 27 September in Room K2, Trakų g., the lecture under the title ‘There are no borders for learning languages: The Persian Language, Art, and Culture’ will be delivered by Marjan Masoodi, lecturer from Iran.
For further information on the occasion of the European Day of Languages please visit:
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