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Mission, Vision, Objectives

The university's mission is to develop a publicly responsible, creative, competitive individual who is receptive to science, the latest technologies and cultural values; to promote scientific progress, social and economic well-being; to create value that ensures the development of both Lithuania and the region in the global context.

The university's vision is to be a prestigious Lithuanian institution of higher education, the scientific and studies level of which conform to the best European technical universities' level. The university is attractive for both Lithuanian and foreign scientists and students, is able to respond to the environmental challenges and has a great social importance to the national progress.

The university's objectives are as follows:
  1. To prepare qualified, creative and socially active professionals, who are able to work successfully in both Lithuanian and foreign scientific and labour markets;
  2. To carry out international-level research concentrating scientific activities at the departments with the highest level of competence; to implement the recruitment of established scientists policy;
  3. To develop research-based innovations for society and business; to become a leader of the Baltic universities in the scientific areas of sustainable construction, transport, sustainable environment, information technologies and communication;
  4. To promote the sustainable development of the country and region; to develop the innovative society.
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